Stephen Shortnacy is a Pain Relief Massage Therapist in Austin Texas

Stephen Shortnacy

Would you like pain relief, stress relief, and to live better? For over a decade Stephen Shortnacy has been helping people like you to find more joy in their lives!

Are you experiencing aches and pains from prolonged sitting? Too much time on computer devices and screens? Too much work related stress or life related stresses? Do you have an active life style and, at times, play too hard? Stephen understands and has been in your position.

As an ex-employee of the high-tech industry Stephen understands how prolonged sitting in front of a computer and job stress can lead to chronic pain and muscle dysfunction. As a dancer, yogi, ex-rock climber, and ex-runner, Stephen knows that one’s passions can at times lead to injury and in some cases crippling injury. He understands the pain and needs of those who suffer from symptoms found in such conditions as ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, or spondyloarthropathy, which makes him a very effective therapist in treating and managing pain.

Pain Relief, Stress Relief

Stephen is a Texas licensed and insured massage therapist since 2007.  When it comes to pain relief he focuses on assessing your structural bodywork needs to address specific postural & structural complaints and to relieve chronic & acute musculoskeletal pain. His approach is to assess your body for imbalance by determining which muscles are contracted short and which muscles are overstretched. From the assessment, various Swedish and clinical techniques are applied to restore your body to balance. Stephen has utilized his expertise for over 10 years with Round Rock Chiropractic. There he has helped thousands people of various body types heal from their assorted injuries and pains.

“Change happens when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.” If you are ready for change, Stephen is ready to help.


Stress Relief, Live Better

Stephen draws from many different teachers to help you practice living better. He recommends the following:

Brene Brown – all works
Jack Kornfield – meditation & mindfulness practices
Marshall Rosenberg – Nonviolent Communication
William Ury – “Power of Positive No” and boundary setting
Ram Dass – spirituality for the new age and new world

Do you need help living better? Schedule an appointment with Stephen and begin making positive changes today!

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